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Flagship – A Full Review Of The Affiliate Platform

Flagship - A Full Review Of The Affiliate Platform

Do you dream of taking your creator business to new heights, but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Flagship, a unique affiliate platform that could revolutionize the way you share the things you love with your followers.

As content creators, we are always looking for new ways to monetize our business. And Flagship is an affiliate platform that could be a great fit for your business.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Flagship. From its benefits as an affiliate platform to maximizing your earnings and tips to using this platform. Get ready to supercharge your creator business and unlock its full potential with Flagship!

What Is Flagship?

Flagship is a super unique platform that is basically a storefront of your favorite brands all in one place. It’s branded as your own with your logo and colors. You can curate the store using their blocks to add sections, imagery and more.

The storefront acts just like that, a store! This means that when a follower shops your Flagship store, they have one checkout, no matter how many retailers they just shopped from. This allows for one easy checkout.

The Brands On Flagship

One of the things that is really cool about Flagship is that they onboard a lot of small retailers. If your shop is powered by Shopify, you can easily be an affiliate partner. There are a plethora of great brands to share with your followers on Flagship.

From apparel to food, homeware, and even beauty and technology, there is something for every type of content creator. Plus, they are adding lots of new brands nearly every time we log on as they are constantly diversifying their brand offerings.

Connecting With Brands

If you’ve been wanting to connect with brands, Flagship has opened up the communication for you. Flagship offers a messaging portal to connect directly with the brands in the marketplace. You can reach out for gifting, collaborations or finding out about new launches. This is a great way to build relationships with the brands you truly love and use.

Exclusive Pricing

The brands on Flagship also offer exclusive discounts to your store on occasion. This can be a great way to drive more traffic and sales to your store. Something that Flagship aims to always do is to offer the best price available. There have been times that the price on an item in my Flagship storefront is better than a sale happening at the actual store thanks to an exclusive promotion being offered. Flagship will always be the best price available.

an indigo day flagship store

Benefits of Using Flagship As An Affiliate Platform

Flagship offers a range of benefits for creators looking to grow their business through affiliate marketing. One major advantage is the ability to easily track and analyze your performance, giving you valuable insights into which strategies are most effective.

Additionally, Flagship provides a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to manage your partnerships and optimize your earnings. By leveraging Flagship as your affiliate platform, you can maximize your potential earnings and take your creator business to new heights. Plus, with one easy checkout, there are less barriers to complete a transaction resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Maximizing Your Earnings With Flagship

One key way to take full advantage of Flagship as an affiliate platform is by strategically maximizing your earnings. By honing in on the most effective strategies and optimizing your partnerships, you can increase your revenue potential and see significant growth in your creator business.

It’s important to educate your audience on this platform as it is a totally different experience than that of LTK or Collective Voice that your followers may be used to. Letting them know that it is one checkout and that you have curated these collections will help you maximize your earnings.

Plus, you can learn more about maximizing your affiliate earnings by enrolling in The Affiliate Academy where we cover the strategies needed to increase your conversion rates and earn more revenue.

Optimizing Your Storefront for Success

To maximize the potential of your creator business on Flagship, it’s important to optimize your storefront for success. This means curating your products, showcasing them effectively, and creating a seamless shopping experience for your audience.

Visit The Marketplace

Head to the Marketplace to discover new brands and products to add to your storefront. You can browse by category or use the search feature if you’re looking for something specific.

tips to using the flagship affiliate platform

Use the plus sign to add these items to your storefront. They will automatically settle into their product categories and also become available to select for your collections. Plus, you can add BRANDS to your storefront so your followers can browse by brand.

When you click into a product, you can also add it to your store. And once added, you can then add notes, or any of your own photos. Maybe you styled a piece of clothing that is available or a piece of home decor, you can add your own photos that will be part of the product carousel.

tips to using the flagship affiliate platform


Make sure your Flagship storefront is up to date with new collections of things you love and organized well for a good user experience. I like to check in on mine every quarter to update seasonal items. And add in a collection to switch things up. Add a cover photo and add your favorite products.

how to use the flagship storefront

You can also add notes on your products that are in your storefront allowing for a personal touch when your readers shop. Providing sizing details, or how to style something, or why you simply love it, is a great way to optimize your Flagship storefront for success and increase those conversion rates.

Store Design

Head to Store Design to organize your store and make it your home. Adjust the home blocks and change the order, add or remove collections, and update your navigation. Be sure to fill out your About page and adjust your settings.

Flagship - A Full Review Of The Affiliate Platform

If you’re thinking of trying out Flagship as a new way to generate affiliate revenue, you can apply here. Let Flagship know that The Blog Societies sent you so you can receive the VIP onboarding treatment. Once you’re signed up, curate your store, add a few photos, your bio, and start to share!

Be sure to also tell your followers HOW this works. It’s imperative to educate your audience on how to shop from you. And the Flagship store is such a new experience, it’s important to take a little bit of time to do so to ensure you generate the most commission possible.

Ready to sign up? Fill out the form here and let Flagship know The Blog Societies sent you!

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