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8 Tips For An Outstanding Facebook Page

tips to grow your Facebook page

The one social media platform we can safely say just about everyone has, Facebook. Facebook has 2.2 BILLION monthly active users which makes this a social platform you should not miss. In the US alone there are over 200 million users checking in on this popular platform.  If you’re a blogger, we highly recommend making a Facebook page to have for your business. It’s easy to set up and is a great way to share your content with friends, family and readers. Here are 7 tips to creating a great Facebook Page!

8 Facebook Page Tips For Bloggers

1. Have A Great Profile Photo

We always recommend to update your profile photo every so often (you can read more about that here). Make sure your profile photo is a great quality photo of you, the author! Keeping your profile photo the same or similar to your other social channels is also key to great branding. Profile photo size should be 170px x 170px. But for retina displays, we recommend doubling this to make sure your image is always clear!

2. Add A Cover Photo That Speaks To Your Brand

Cover photos are a great way to quickly show possible Facebook fans what they can expect to see. Plus, when someone likes a new page, this information can be seen in News Feeds. The cover photo will be what gets shown in addition to your profile photo.

Tip, make your cover photo 1920px wide x 1080px tall. This is the NEW recommended size and you can learn more about how your cover photo gets cropped in this great article. You can create a cover photo in Photoshop or even Canva!

3. Keep It Short

Audiences are digesting information quickly these days, so keep your Facebook posts short and sweet. We recommend staying under 300 characters to make sure your message gets across to those scrolling through.

4. Edit Your Page Info

We always recommend to check in with your social profiles to make sure your About pages and profiles are looking great. You’ll want a short bio, location and contact info.

5. Utilize The Call To Action Button

Every Business Page has an option to include a call to action. It shows up right under your cover photo. You can change it out to Sign Up, Shop Now and so much more. Be sure this link is up to date and works! We recommend linking it to your blog to help drive traffic.

6. Offer A Variety Of Content

Facebook has lots of ways for you to share content with your audience, so use it! There’s now the Facebook Live feature, similar to Instagram Live, which can be a great way to interact with your audience. Plus, it’s always great to diversify your content so think about sharing other pages posts with your audience to start a new conversation. We find these posts can get lots of interaction which may increase more eyeballs on your Facebook Page.

7. Invite People To Like

There’s two ways to do this. First, you can go old school and invite your friends from the right hand side under COMMUNITY. 

The second way is to invite anyone who has interacted and LIKED a post. You may have thought only fans of your page are liking your content. However, it’s very possible that they saw a friend like it, so they did too. To see this all you do is click on a post and it’s likes.

When you click on the likes, the below screen will pop up. From here, you can see who likes, or doesn’t like your page. Be sure to invite those who aren’t already fans. Clearly they enjoyed your content at some point so they’re likely to LIKE your page once you request.

8. Schedule Your Posts

We’re all about saving time and staying organized, so scheduling content is key. Easily set up your posts to go live at specific times using the Publishing Tools on the top menu. This is a great way to share old content that’s still relevant (holiday, seasonal and so on) to drive traffic back to your blog. We recommend reviewing your insights to see when is an optimal time to post throughout the day.

Do you have any favorite Facebook tips?

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