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EmPress Themes For Bloggers – The Ultimate Solution

empress themes for bloggers - a review

Do you know what separates a successful fashion or lifestyle blogger from the rest? A stunning website that reflects their personal brand. However, building a website from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a web designer. Not to mention, they can cost easily upwards of $10,000. Seriously.

But what if I told you there’s an easy and affordable solution for bloggers that can save you time, increase engagement, and improve your site’s performance? Enter EmPress Themes for bloggers – a collection of pre-made WordPress themes and custom plugins, designed specifically for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

Let’s dive into why EmPress Themes for bloggers is the ultimate solution. And explore how it can help you take your website to the next level.

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EmPress Themes: The Ultimate Website Solution for Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

There are a few different styles of WordPress themes you can choose from at EmPress. You can browse the different themes like Barton (a personal favorite) and Hayes (one I personally had for a few years) and more. With several different styles to choose from, you can find one that matches your personal preference and content needs.

Save Time with Pre-Made Themes

Not only do EmPress Themes help you create a visually stunning website, but they also help you save time. With pre-made themes that are already optimized for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, you can skip the endless hours of design and development and get straight to creating content.

Plus, EmPress has taken all the guesswork out of it. When you invest in a theme (and they’re super affordable!) you get a full guide on how to set it all up. From how to customize it, tips and tricks to recreate the demos you may have fallen in love with on their site and more.

While customizing the theme does take a few hours, this will ultimately save you time and money in the long run. You’ll hit the ground running with a beautiful website from day one. We suggest setting a few hours aside on a weekend to tweak your theme and make it your own. But out of the box, it’s pretty much done!

The designers and developers behind EmPress Themes create custom blog websites all the time. They know exactly what fashion and lifestyle bloggers need and what’s popular at the moment. So you can confidently install your new theme and know you’ve got everything you’d need in a blog layout.

Below is an example of the Barton theme. This has been customized by Hello Her with her brand colors, logo and tweaked the home page exactly how she wants it.

barton theme from empress themes

Enhance Overall Blogging And User Experience

In addition to boosting engagement and improving site performance, EmPress Themes for bloggers also allow you to enhance your overall blogging experience. With a variety of customizable design options, you can create a visually stunning website that accurately reflects your brand and draws in your audience.

The ease of use of EmPress Themes also means that you can spend less time dealing with website maintenance and more time creating content that resonates with your audience. The themes are also designed to categorize all your content in a beautiful way making it a more enjoyable user experience.

Themes Are Mobile Friendly

EmPress knows that a bulk of our readers are now visiting on mobile. Having a website that is mobile friendly is key for better conversions and user experience. Easily update your theme for how you want it to look and feel on mobile or desktop. Your theme comes ready to go for mobile and you can tweak it exactly how you like!

We suggest making sure you have a great mobile menu for easy browsing (ps what to put in your navigation tips here). And also ensure your first blog post is looking great above the fold on mobile. So don’t let your logo take up too much space. Instead, let your content shine!

The EmPress Plugins For WordPress

Not only does EmPress offer themes, but they also have plugins that are exclusively designed with lifestyle bloggers in mind. These also seamlessly work with all of their themes making it really easy to add to your site.

The Link In Bio Plugin

The Link in Bio Plugin is perfect for fashion and lifestyle bloggers who want to increase engagement with their audience. It’s important to have a really great landing page from Instagram or TikTok that highlights your most talked about content. And also with quick links to get them into the things they are likely looking for.

We always discourage using LinkTree or any third party link in bio feature. You can definitely make your own link in bio landing page with Gutenberg blocks. But, there’s nothing better than a professionally designed Link In Bio landing page. You can see ours in action here. Ours is more simple as we don’t share any LTK widgets or shoppable content. But it houses all our most requested links and features our latest blog post (you can also set it to a specific post if you want!).

And for lifestyle bloggers, you can also add widgets to your shoppable posts, and widgets to shop the latest items from your IG Stories. This eliminates the need for constantly updating the bio section of your Instagram profile and makes your website a hub for all your social media accounts. This increases your conversion and affiliate revenue and helps your readers get into the content they are likely looking for.

Not only does the Link in Bio Plugin increase engagement, but it also improves your site’s overall performance. By directing traffic from your social media accounts to your website, you can increase your website’s traffic and ultimately boost your search engine rankings.

This will also increase your website’s authority as a source of information, making it more valuable to your audience. Handing over traffic to other websites is one of the biggest mistakes influencers make.

empress themes for bloggers - link in bio plugin example

Increase Affiliate Revenue With Shop The Post Plugin

With EmPress Themes, you can take your fashion and lifestyle blogging to the next level with affiliate income. One of the most exciting features of EmPress Themes is the Shop The Post Plugin. With this plugin, you can monetize your content by easily linking to products within your blog posts. This allows you to increase your affiliate revenue and earn more from your blog.

The Shop The Post Plugin works in a few ways. And you don’t even have to have an EmPress Theme to use their plugins. You just need to be on WordPress. Here are the ways you can use this plugin throughout your site.

First, it creates a shopping area in the footer of your blog post to make your post shoppable with a header that you can customize. Like “get the look” or “shop my favorites”. This works on any WordPress website. This will also be the widget that pops up in your grid as well. This way readers can shop your post in the grid of posts before they even get into the article.

empress wordpress themes plugins- shop the post

But my most favorite NEW feature of the Shop The Post plugin, is the ability to create your OWN widget. This just launched and it is such a great solution to sharing affiliate links that are not on LTK or Collective Voice. One major pain point of using affiliate platforms that aren’t one of those two, is that you can’t make widgets for your blog post.

Shopping widgets convert really well. And now we have a solution. Use your Amazon links, Howl links, or any other of your favorite affiliate platforms where you only have text link capability.

It’s really easy to do. All you have to do is upload your images to the Shop The Post library, and apply your affiliate url to it. Then when you’re in your blog post, you add the Shop The Post block and select your products. You can choose to make it a carousel, or a grid. Plus, if you need to update a link, you can do that in the library and it will update anywhere that image is featured.

shop the post plugin review empress themes
Shop The Post Plugin Featured In A Blog Post
how to use the shop the post plugin for bloggers
Shop The Post Plugin Library

The Boutiques Plugin

Another plugin that works great with your fashion and lifestyle blog is the Boutiques plugin. This allows you to create a really robust shopping destination. This is great to have as a “shop” page to share with readers. Create the ultimate shopping destination by rounding up your favorite picks from top retailers, or rounding up everything you share from your home or closet.

You can also insert either LTK, Collective Voice or Shop The Post plugin widgets to display your favorites.

boutiques plugin from empress themes for bloggers

The Grid Plugin

If your archive pages are just a list of posts, and not very exciting, try the Grid Plugin. This puts your content into a beautiful grid. Plus, if you’re using the Shop The Post plugin, you’ll be able to have a little shopping bag to hover over your post, so readers can see the items to shop.

Again, you don’t need to have an EmPress Theme to use these plugins. I use the filterable grid on my custom blog, an indigo day. You can see it in action below. It shows a grid of my content from the main category, and also includes the sub-categories so readers can filter through my content and find exactly what they need.

filterable grid plugin for wordpress

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If you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger looking to monetize your content and enhance your readers’ experience, EmPress Themes is the ultimate solution. From WordPress themes, to plugins, these affordable, yet beautiful products will take your blog to the next level. Instantly look like a professional blogger in no time at all and without breaking the bank.

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