Georgia · Member Spotlight · Southern / March 18

Emily of The Style Hunt

The Style Hunt blog

What’s your blog name?

The Style Hunt

Where do you live?

Atlanta, Georgia

Tell us more about you and your blog

I started the blog in college as a way to show my creative side for interviewing but it’s changed multiple times since then, becoming what it is now! I wanted it to be a space where girls can come and feel like my style + me are approachable and we make fashion fun over here!

What people don’t realize about blogging is…

that 9 times out of 10 you change in the backseat of your car.

What are 3 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

  1. How to be more confident in who I am and sharing things about myself
  2. That it was going to be so much more work than anticipated
  3. ow much I would LOVE it!

What’s been your most memorable moment as a blogger?

Meeting my online friends IRL. The blogging world and The Blog Societies specifically has brought so many amazing ladies into my life and I am so grateful!

Give us your best tip for maintaining a blog work/life balance

Ideally it would be dedicating specific time to the blog, like you have hours at your day job. Treating it like a job, because it most definitely is!

Instagram or Twitter?

Books or Podcasts? Tell us your favorite.

Coffee or tea?


What is your guilty pleasure?

Really bad reality tv. I’m talking Vanderpump Rules, Teen Mom and The Bachelor.

What’s one product you can’t live without?

Anything Kristin Ess. Anything that is good enough for Lauren Conrad is perfect for me.

What’s been your favorite part of being a member of The Blog Societies?

I think the biggest thing TBS has done for me is provide a fabulous community of girlfriends who understand the struggles, celebrate your wins and are great friends. We all support each other more than I ever expected.

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