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Boost Your Earnings at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with TBS Academy

Boost Your Earnings at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with TBS Academy

Boost Your Earnings at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with TBS Academy

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is what many influencers and bloggers call their Super Bowl. Forget Black Friday, The NSALE can generate thousands in earnings through affiliate sales for content creators.

With increased traffic to Nordstrom, and shoppers buying more items to stock up on the deals, this is a great opportunity to earn big as an influencer. We’ll be diving into some of our best tips and strategies to boost your earnings and maximize your time in our upcoming TBS Academy class.

What Is TBS Academy?

The TBS Academy is a workshop that we offer exclusively to TBS members. Each class covers a topic to better your business, learn how to do something new and get motivated to grow your influencer business.

When you’re a member of The Blog Societies you unlock the resources and tools to grow your business. And one major perk is getting to play back ALL of our TBS Academy classes in The Library. Each class is recorded and uploaded so you can watch any of our classes no matter WHEN you join.

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Why the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a Big Deal

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a big deal for a few reasons. So if you’re not familiar with the sale, let’s break it down.

The NSALE is a sale that runs for a limited number of weeks in the summer months on NEW items for fall and winter. Over the years, Nordstrom has evolved the sale to also include items you can wear now for summer. Plus, they bring back favorites each year that always go on sale so you can stock up on things like your favorite tees, leggings, pajamas and so on.

A lot of the new items are also exclusive to Nordstrom. Many brands make exclusive product just for this sale that will only be marked down during the NSALE dates. These exclusive products rarely get restocked and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Many Nordstrom shoppers are dedicated to this sale and will stock up during it. Buying gifts for the holidays, restocking their makeup, and upgrading jeans, shoes and more. Plus, it’s the perfect time to start your fall shopping which are usually bigger ticket items like boots, leather and jackets.

What Does This Mean For You As An Influencer?

This means the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is a huge revenue driver for creators. There’s a huge opportunity to capture affiliate revenue through your content on social, blogs and newsletters.

Many creators say this is their biggest revenue-driving month. Yes, even more so than the holidays with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Meaning you should spend some time prepping for this sale and making content for it.

But here at The Blog Societies, we want to make sure you’re working smarter, not harder. And that’s why we’re hosting our TBS Academy class on all things NSALE strategy.

Key Strategies To Be Covered In The TBS Academy Class

A few things we’ll cover in class to ensure you are prepped and ready for the big sale will include the following.

  • How to prepare your content
  • Time saving tips
  • Ways to monetize
  • Maximizing your revenue
  • and more!

TBS Academy classes are also always a great place to get input from your peers. This is a group call where you can ask questions, provide your own input and feedback, and learn from one another.

Boost Your Earnings at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with TBS Academy

Classes are exclusive to members and if you’re currently a member, you already received an invitation to register for class.

Not yet a member of The Blog Societies? Join today and explore our three membership options here.

We can’t wait to share these tips with you so you can make this the BEST Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The class will be held on June 6th at 12pm EST. We look forward to seeing you there.

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