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5 Blogging Tips From Co-Founder Jessica of An Indigo Day

I’m coming up on 8 years of blogging over at An Indigo Day (previously My Style Vita!) and while I still have more to learn in this ever-changing industry. After all of those years, there’s a few blog tips I swear by. Most of these tips were discovered after disaster experiences, how lucky, right? Lost images, forgetting to shoot something for a brand, or having to go back through months of expenses to find a transaction. You live and you learn and that’s pretty much been my experience with blogging. There wasn’t much to learn from 8 years ago and we just figured it out. So I’m sharing 5 of my go to blogging tips I swear by.

5 Blogging Tips From An Indigo Day

Backup Your Photos!

I do a few things when it comes to photos to not only save them and back them up, but to also easily access them while on the go via my iPhone. As soon as I receive images back from my photographer, I add the full high-resolution images to Dropbox. Each photographer I’ve worked with has a folder, and within that folder are folders for each shoot. I name them according to the year, month and date and then usually add a quick note. For example 2019 – 2.12 – Hair Tutorials. It makes it super easy for me to find what I need. Plus, Dropbox has an app for your phone so I can easily pull images to share on Instagram when on the go.

In addition to having them on Dropbox I also add them to an external drive and do the same thing. Photographer name, year, then the shoot day. If anything ever gets lost, or a brand needs images, I know I have them and can easily find them. I always recommend saving the full high res image because if a brand needs it for a campaign, or you need to use it elsewhere, you’ll want the full size image to work with.

Make A Shot List

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve shot without a shot list and totally forgot important details that needed to be provided to brands. It causes me to spend more time and money on re-shooting. I try to make a shot list prior to all my shoots to ensure I get what I need. This is usually pretty general, but sometimes I’ll put a note on a specific shot I’m looking for. I also communicate this to my photographer and share any inspiration photos so we’re on the same page.

Since I usually schedule only an hour with my photographer, I have to maximize my time and be as efficient as possible. I’ve found this is the best way to do that.

Keep Track Of Revenue & Expenses As They Happen

It’s so easy to say “oh I’ll do that later” or “I’ll work on it monthly” when it comes to recording transactions. However, adding your expenses and income as they happen will keep you from missing transactions. It will also allow tax time to be that much easier. I personally use WAVE to also crosscheck everything I have to make sure it’s been recorded. It imports all of your transactions from cards and bank accounts and you can categorize them and check them off. This is also the platform I use to generate invoices and allow clients/vendors to pay via ACH or credit card.

PS Download our FREE revenue & expense spreadsheet in the library if you’re a member!

Keep A Contact List

I like to keep a running spreadsheet of all my contacts. From brands to agencies, it’s nice to have an active list with names, addresses and any notes. I try to do a reach out to contacts every few months. I’ll say hello and see if there are any ways to work together and share any upcoming ideas I have. This helps to generate new projects and income. When you’re developing and fostering relationships by staying in touch and pitching new ideas, you’re definitely bettering your business. I’ll also update the list accordingly when personnel changes happen

Use The Editorial Calendar Plugin

I love this plugin because I can visually see my content. In addition to this WordPress plugin, I have a spreadsheet with content ideas and the status of them. For example, are photos shot for a post, but not yet written. Written, but still needs photos. This way I can easily see what’s ready to go, what needs to be worked on and what I want to tackle next. It’s easier than keeping a dozen or so drafts that easily get forgotten about.

Featured image by Hannah Michelle

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