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Blog Resolutions We’re Making for 2020

Blog Resolutions We're Making for 2020 | The Blog Societies

Happy New Year TBSers! We hope you had a great holiday and are ready to tackle the new year! We’re pretty excited to get back in the office as this is the time of year that we like to evaluate our blogs, reflect and see how we can make some changes. The beginning of the year is a great time to start new habits, set some goals and see how you can make this next year your best one yet.

Today we thought it would be fun to share the team’s resolutions. See what co-founder Jessica of My Style Vita, Cathy of Poor Little It Girl and content manager, Greta of Greta Hollar are working on for 2020! 

Blog Resolutions We’re Making for 2020

Jessica’s Resolutions

  1. More Helpful Content – I recently did a reader survey over on My Style Vita and got so many great ideas. After going through that, what performed well this year and looking to 2020, I’m hoping to create more helpful content in terms of styling, beauty tips and decorating. It seems to be the content that my readers are really loving.
  2. Create More Exclusive Newsletters – In 2019, I really focused on growing my newsletter after making the switch from Mailchimp to Flodesk. My list has grown significantly and it’s made writing newsletters more fun. For the new year, I’d like to create more exclusive newsletter content on a consistent basis. You can also sign up for my newsletter here.
  3. Visit a New Continent – On a personal note, I’m determined this year to visit a new continent. I’m looking at you South America! Or if there’s a damn good deal to Australia, I’m grabbing it!

As for TBS goals, I’m really excited about our first-ever webinar coming up. I think these are going to be a really fun way to help educate members beyond our blog posts that are more in-depth and also allow a conversation.

Cathy’s Resolutions

  1. Plan Out Content Farther in Advance – I want to work on not waiting till the last minute to get posts scheduled. This includes working on my maternity leave schedule for spring when Baby Peshek arrives.
  2. More original content – This includes consistency with my newsletters (without being annoying).
  3. Clean Up Old Posts – This includes underperforming tweets, FB posts, Pins, etc.

Greta’s Resolutions

  1. More Intentional Content – In 2019, I wrote about a lot of different topics to see what worked. After analyzing my analytics, I have an idea of what my audience is looking for. Now I know what type of content to create.
  2. Get Back Into Learning – This year I really want to do more webinars, conferences and read more books. I’ve been getting into podcasts lately and love listening to them on road trips!
  3. Travel More – A lot of my traveling has been on hold the last year. In 2020 I’m planning more trips with other bloggers and partnering with fun brands on travel content.

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