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9 Blog Resolutions We’re Making For 2019

9 Blog Resolutions We're Making For 2019 - The Blog Societies

Happy New Year TBSers! We hope you had a great holiday and are ready to tackle the new year! We’re pretty excited to get back in the office as this is the time of year that we like to evaluate our blogs, reflect and see how we can make some changes. The beginning of the year is a great time to start new habits, set some goals and see how you can make this next year your best one yet.

Today we thought it would be fun to share the team’s resolutions. See what co-founder Jessica of My Style Vita, Cathy of Poor Little It Girl and social media manager, Greta of Greta Hollar are working on for 2019! 

Jessica’s Resolutions

  1. Write More Thank You Notes – We work with so many brands and agencies, plus photographers and designers, that it’s nice to remember to send a hand written thank you note. For larger scale projects, think immersion experiences, trips or just brands that went above and beyond for the year, we like to send small gifts. A few ideas can be as simple as flowers, custom cookies or something from your state. I’d like to do a better job of this in the new year to show my appreciation!
  2. Stepping Outside My Content Comfort Zone – There’s a handful of bloggers I follow who I LOVE their content. They’re more out there with their looks or style or are doing IGTV and fun videos. I’m definitely in a content routine and I think it’s time to step outside the content comfort zone. More video, more fun on photo shoots and definitely more recipes!
  3. Focus On Newsletters & Subscribers – This is the HARDEST thing to grow as a lifestyle blogger if you ask me. But this year I’m determined to focus on my newsletter and growing my subscribers. My focus? My beauty content referrals. I receive a large percentage of traffic from hair tutorials on Pinterest and Google. It’s hard to retain them. They come to see a quick photo and then usually leave fairly quickly. So my plan of attack is to create a custom newsletter pop up on this category with a free download that’s beauty and hair related. I think by tailoring my pop-up to the person who’s arriving at the blog for that type of content will be the most helpful. Stay tuned on this because if it works, we’ll create a blog post on how to do it yourself!

Greta’s Resolutions

  1. Video, Video & More Video – I’ve been wanting to do more video content and start a YouTube channel for my blog, but I’ve never had time! This is the year that I want to release at least one video every two weeks. Whether it’s a try-on session, travel recap or hair tutorial. I need to get with the video content. 
  2. Weekly Round-Up Newsletter – Remember all those blog subscribers you work so hard to collect? Yeah, I kind of left mine in the cold. I had a newsletter that went out every Friday with a recap of my posts for the week and other exclusive content but it went by the wayside. I need to hop back on the wagon!
  3. Rebranding & Maintenance – My blog really hasn’t changed much since I launched it in 2016. I want to get a new logo, new site and have a cohesive vibe. I also want to go back and work on my blog SEO and other maintenance that I put off the rest of the year. Luckily I have Clem SEO to help! 

Cathy’s Resolutions

  1. Diversify My Content – While I still want Poor Little It Girl to have a strong focus on affordable fashion and petite styling, I really want to venture into more home content. Now that we’ve purchased our new home, I’m eager to share some decor updates, organizational tips and maybe even a recipe or two!
  2. Go back to school! – Ok, not really back to school, but take more online courses and watch more YouTube videos on coding, Mailchimp tutorials and video editing. Right now I feel like I don’t really take initiative to educate myself on new aspects of this industry and I really want to get better about doing so in 2019.
  3. Log off – My phone is literally always with me, and that’s not a good thing. Setting strict(ish) office hours for myself and turning off the computer/leaving my iPhone in my office is essential to self-preservation and unwinding after a long day. 

What are your goals for your blog in 2019?

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