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9 Blog Resolutions We’re Making For 2021

9 Blog Post Resolutions We're Making for 2021 | The Blog Societies

Happy New Year TBSers! We hope you had a great holiday and are ready to tackle the new year! We’re pretty excited to get back in the office as this is the time of year that we like to evaluate our blogs, reflect and see how we can make some changes. The beginning of the year is a great time to start new habits, set some goals, and see how you can make this next year your best one yet.

Today we thought it would be fun to share the team’s blog resolutions. See what co-founder Jessica of An Indigo Day, Cathy of Poor Little It Girl and social media manager, Greta of Greta Hollar are working on for 2021! 

9 Blog Resolutions We’re Making in 2021

Jessica’s Blog Resolutions

1. Do More Reels for Instagram

I’ve been stuck in a blogging and social media rut. Never really branching out into video besides a handful of hair or beauty tutorials. With the ease and casualness of Reels on Instagram, I think it’s time I make it a priority. I’m hearing SUCH great things about the engagement with Reels and how it can help to elevate your static content.

2. Create More Structure With My Work Days

I attempted to do this last year with my Asana overhaul and creating batch tasks and a weekly schedule. There are days I kind of look at it, but to be honest, it rarely happens. I do much better with a physical pen and paper to do list. So my goal this year is to create a better habit of putting those Asana daily tasks into a simple paper to-do list so I can implement that structure I tried to create. I still love Asana but find for me that it works best when tackling big projects that need various deadlines and have loads of information I need to keep track of. For my daily blog upkeep though, it hasn’t been as helpful for me and that is pure failure to create a habit.

3. Spend More Time Pitching to Brands and Fostering Relationships

2020 was the year of coasting. I didn’t put a ton of effort into much due to COVID and instead stuck to my usual posting and busy work that made me “feel” productive. 2021 is the year I work towards more pitching and fostering better relationships with brands. This also goes back to my previous goal of creating more structure. Because pitching is a weekly task I have been ignoring! PS check out some of our tips for pitching here.

Greta’s Blog Resolutions

4. More Intentional Content

In 2020, I wrote about a lot of different topics to see what worked and what didn’t. After analyzing my analytics, I have an idea of what my audience is looking for and what type of content to create. I’m also working with my photographer to create mood boards and have more editorial content.

5. Be Better With Instagram Stories

I’m pretty private about my personal life and it’s hard for me to do IG Stories for some reason. This year I’m going to try to be more open (to an extent) and consistent! And with keeping with intentional content, give my followers IG Story content that goes with my brand and that isn’t so random.

6. Rebranding & Maintenance

My blog really hasn’t changed much since I launched it in 2016. I want to get a new logo, a new site, and have a cohesive vibe. I also want to go back and work on my blog SEO and other maintenance that I put off the rest of the year. This is something I do every year but need to do a deeper dive and work on keywords and tasty pins.

Cathy’s Blog Resolutions

7. Increase Page Views With Better SEO Practices

I’ve signed up for some SEO courses and hired a company to help me with blog post structure. With these resources, I’m hoping for better rankings in Google which will, in turn, increase my blog pageviews for 2021. More page views mean more people digesting and shopping my content and additional add revenue.

8. Pinterest Revamp

Pinterest is a beast! And while I’ve used Tailwind and Canva templates for years now, I’m still not where I want to be with my Pinterest referral. I took the Pinfinite Growth course but haven’t looked at it in a while. Time for a refresh so I can resume Pinterest as my number one referral to my site.

9. Continue My 12 Hour Work Weeks

Being a new mom (well, not really “new” – Miles is almost 1 year old!) I had to totally revamp how I work from home. I can no longer sit for hours on end at my computer uninterrupted. Taking care of Miles is my priority so I only have 12 hours a week when our nanny is at the house to get my entire business up and running. It has taken a lot of work to change my entire work structure but I’m loving that when I’m working, I’m 100% focused on work and when I’m with Miles, I’m 100% in mom mode.

What are your blog resolutions and goals in 2021?

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