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How To Land More Collaborations Through Our Favorite Networks

how to get more blog collaborations to make more money

As influencers, we have the opportunity to work with brands to promote and share our favorite products. But one of the top questions we get asked is, where to find those collaborations?

We always encourage bloggers and influencers to pitch and build relationships with brands. They typically are more lucrative. But also allows you to build a great partnership with the brand itself. This isn’t always easy though, and we get that. So signing up with blog partnership programs/platforms is a way we like to support our sponsored income stream.

It can be hard to find all the platforms to sign up for. And not all are created equal. Some are more lucrative, or harder to get projects. Some may be just for gifting. And others may be just for food, or beauty. But we wanted to share some of our favorite platforms that we check every so often for blog campaigns.

A few tips for working with these types of platforms is to always keep your profile up to date. Also, always read the contracts! Many of them will require you to sign over all photo rights on all campaigns from sign up. Be well aware of this when working with photographers because it can be a big legal battle if overlooked.

Here are our favorite blog networks to join today to earn more money!


ShopLooks is both an affiliate platform and a partnership network to secure campaigns. They have a variety of brands to choose from with decent revenue share rates.


This platform has a lot of gifting opportunities and some paid. Always be careful when agreeing to gifted partnerships. Sometimes they will ask for image rights without compensation.

You can browse campaigns and directly apply.

  • IZEA – This platform recently acquired Tap Influence which was a major platform for campaigns. You can sign up to join IZEA here!
  • Cohley – Be sure to HEART which brands you’re interested in for better exposure
  • Whaler
  • Ahalogy – We personally love working with Ahalogy. They run quite a few food and grocery store campaigns for great lifestyle content.
  • Influence Central
  • Revfluence (now AspireIQ)
  • Obviously
  • Activate
  • Social Fabric

Did we miss a network that you love? Let us know below!

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