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Behind the Blog With Dinner With the Duffys

dinner with duffys

What’s the name of your blog?

Dinner With the Duffys.

Where do you live?

Charleston, South Carolina.

Tell us how did you start your blog, Dinner With the Duffys, and what did it take to get to where it is today?

Dinner With The Duffys was born when I made the decision to go back to work full-time. With two young daughters, a full-time job and the desire to cook healthy, family-friendly dinners, I realized meal planning was the only way I was going to survive. The more I talked about the benefits of meal planning, the more requests I had to share my meal plan. Thus, the blog was born. The Dinner With The Duffys community continues to grow, and bond, because all of us are looking for ways to eat healthier while saving time and money.

What’s been the hardest business lesson you’ve learned from blogging?

You absolutely must invest in your business in order for it to grow. Gone are the days when you could just open an Instagram account, throw up a pretty food pic and gain 5,000 followers. If you are committed to seeing your blog hustle grow, you absolutely must invest your money, and time, wisely.

Take us behind the blog, what does a typical work day look like?

I’m at work by 7:30 a.m., home by 3:45 p.m. Homework with the kiddos and then I spend about an hour exercising for my sanity. I start cooking/working around 6 and then stop around 7 to eat and put the girls to bed. Back at the blogging gig around 8:30! I typically spend about three hours a day, during the week, on the blog. Weekends are where I really try to focus on DwtD. For example, this Saturday I have been working for four-ish hours and I’m still at it!! I’m not going to lie – it’s tough. I day dream about having more time to focus on Dinner With The Duffys but I’m just not quite there yet. Find a balance that works for you – if you don’t, you will never be able to stick with it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the blog world?

Don’t do it for the money!! It will never work. You have to be so passionate about you are doing that when asked if you would do it, even if you knew you’d never make a dime, the answer would be yes.

What do you think the blogging industry will look like in 5 years?

Oh my gosh – this is tough. Honestly, I just see it growing and expanding but also potentially more difficult to survive.

What’s been your most favorite project or post you’ve worked on for your blog?

Can I talk about one that’s coming up?? I’m working on a FABULOUS Christmas Dinner With Friends project scheduled for November. I’m working with five other amazing local Charleston bloggers/influencers to produce an intimate Christmas dinner that anyone can manage. From tablescape to cocktail recipes and everything in between. I can’t wait!

How do you stay inspired? And where do you find inspiration?

I feel most inspired by my family and friends. I’m surrounded by people who love to cook, paint, bake, create – they are my inspiration. I also try not to over think things – sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and get in the way of seeing what is right in front of us.

Has your blog helped you in other ways with your career or day to day life?

Blogging has exposed me to a world I never believed I would be able to navigate – the tech world. On a normal day, I say code, HTML, edit and link more often than I care to admit! It has also made me trust that I can always learn and grow and get me to a place where I truly believe in me. Priceless in my opinion.

Blogger or Influencer? What do you consider yourself and why?

Blogger – it’s where I began and where I feel most comfortable. The terms don’t bother me – honestly, I think you have to be both if you want to be successful.

Which social media platform do you wish you knew more about or spent more time on?

Pinterest – I use it all of the time, personally, but need to commit more time to using it for Dinner With The Duffys.

We love a cocktail! If you were stranded on a deserted island what would be the one cocktail you’d take with you?

I don’t have to think about this one – bottles and bottles of a superb super Tuscan.

I don’t have to think about this one – bottles and bottles of a superb super Tuscan.

I love Later – it’s a free app that helps you schedule social media posts. Super easy to navigate!

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