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Automated Comments on Instagram

Automated Comments on Instagram

Instagram is definitely one of those necessary evils in the creator world. We love to hate it, but we love it anyway. And while we are huge advocates for building your platform and following on a blog, newsletter and Pinterest, we are obviously ALL still using Instagram one way or another.

Increasing your engagement on Instagram, and getting your followers the links they need, are two struggles I think we all have been experiencing. But the automated comment solution on Instagram has been a huge help on this platform. Allowing us to easily share a link to a follower’s DM inbox that they can reference later, while also getting an engagement boost.

Implementing an automation strategy can be tricky too. You don’t want every single Instagram post to be all about comment “link”. It can look and feel a bit spammy. And recently Instagram came out with very confusing information on if it was in fact, spammy!

So today we’re going to talk all about automated comments on Instagram. From the platforms you can use that are Meta approved, to the strategy you should implement to make the most of it without risking looking spammy.

Automated Comments on Instagram

If you haven’t heard to the ability to automate your user comments to a DM, you’ve been missing out. This is a feature that allows you to use a third party service to automate a follower’s comment based on a trigger word. Once your follower comments trigger words that you’ve set up, then your account will automatically comment a pre-determined phrase thanks to the trigger.

You can use this feature for all sorts of things in your comments, or DMs. It can be used to simply comment back in your comment section, or respond to DMs or Stories. And you can also have it SEND messages on your behalf from the comment section.

Many creators are using this to not only automate some of the work, but also to deliver links whether to blog posts, affiliate links, or funnels for your emails, to an Instagram users inbox.

not every Instagram post needs a comment to link automation

Benefits of Automatic Comments on Instagram

Boost Conversions With Your Affiliate Sales

Sharing shoppable content on your Instagram feed as an influencer and content creator? Easily boost your conversions by getting those affiliate links straight to their DM inbox with a simple trigger word and automatic comment and DM.

No matter how much we educate our audience that they can shop our feed on LTK, or ShopMy, or just by simply visiting the link in our bio, there is still a struggle to get people to do that.

So sending a simple link to shop to their DM is really a great way to increase those conversions. Plus, your followers can easily reference these links in their Instagram inbox whenever they want.

Increase Blog Traffic

If you’re trying to think of how to increase blog traffic, using this automation tool is key! Let’s say you have a helpful blog post, create a Reel or IG post that catches the attention of people who can benefit from your post. Maybe it’s a how to style something, or solving a problem, or a travel guide. Whatever it may be, catch your audience’s attention so that they are eager to get a link to the post.

Then when they comment your trigger word, you can send them a link to their DM with a link to your blog post. This can help boost traffic to your blog and get some new people visiting it. And hey, even possibly signing up for your newsletter pop-up that is on the blog post!

Grow Your Newsletter

Easily grow your newsletter by creating content around the newsletters, or freebies, you are offering. You can create teasers for a freebie you offer and encourage signups for people to get their hands on it. Or generate excitement over an upcoming announcement you’ll be sharing.

Create a signup page for your offer or newsletter, we love using Flodesk for this. You can also create a totally separate one so you can track the analytics and success of it.

Save Time

Responding to every single comment on social media can be hard when you get a ton. So using an automation platform can truly help you save time.

It’s important though to keep in mind that you want to still create authentic engagement and conversations with your audience. So while you can automate a lot, we want to be mindful of a good strategy that encourages conversations.

Increases Instagram Engagement

A great perk to using a comment to link service, is that it can be a great way to increase your Instagram engagement. One of the things we hear a lot from fellow influencers is how to get more engagement on instagramt? And while this really is not the MAIN reason why we want to use an automated comment to link service, it is a nice perk to it!

More comments, and more replies in your posts are going to boost engagement. With that, more engagement usually means more people will see your posts. Replying to Instagram comments in general is always a good idea. You should be replying to every single one pretty much whenever possible. Leaving comments un-answered is not great practice, especially if they are asking a question! Plus, the people who are commenting, are now more likely to see your OTHER content on Instagram.

How To Automate Comments on Instagram

How To Automate Comments on Instagram

Choose A Platform

There are a few platforms that are Meta approved for automating comments on Instagram. Two of our favorites include ManyChat and LinkDM.

We found LinkDM to be easier to use, and more affordable at the end of the day. More on why we love using LinkDM below.

Connect Your Accounts

Simply connect your Instagram account to your comment automation platform so it can feed in your latest posts and stories for you to create any workflows.

Choose Your Trigger Words

When you’re ready to automate an Instagram post, you’ll choose a trigger word for your followers and Instagram users to comment that will trigger the response and the direct message to their inbox. You can change your trigger word up for each post if you want, or just leave it the same.

A good rule to follow is to always use LINK as it is a common one for people to use. But you may also want to add any misspelled versions like lnk, lonk and links. We often see people comment this by mistake and may not realize it. This way you can capture these too and still send the message!

Set Up Your Automated Message Or Comments

Once your trigger is set up, you then set up the automated message and comment. The automatic comment is a great way to boost engagement and also inform the follower that the message has been sent. Be sure to set up comments that feel authentic. Plus, have a variety of automated comments so it doesn’t get marked as spam on your Instagram profile. This can be a mix of the following:

  • Just sent! xx
  • You got it, just sent to your inbox
  • Sending now!
  • Sending it over! xx

Adding a mix of emojis too can help to differentiate these. It feels more authentic too and less like a bot by just saying “just sent” each and every time.

Once your automated comment is set up, you’ll then set up the message that will be sent to the Instagram user. Ensure your link is correct and add any text you want to include.

Instagram automation strategy

Create An Automation Strategy

When coming up with your automation strategy, it’s best to keep a few things in mind. Making EVERY single Instagram post an automation with the word “link” is going to potentially effect your community and engagement. How so? It just lacks that personal touch and feels transactional.

Instead, I encourage you to mix things up and not make EVERY post a comment to link. Start conversations with your audience, and create an actual community.

ManyChat vs LinkDM | Automated Comments on Instagram

Best Instagram Comment Automation Platforms

Whenever we talk to fellow creators, we find the following two platforms come up the most for an automated message service. ManyChat and LinkDM. After personally using both, we found ManyChat to be more expensive and confusing. Like what really is all the contacts and why am I being charged for having DMs not associated with an automation?

I made the switch to LinkDM after a fellow TBS member mentioned in our TBS Creator Hotline that they loved using it, and showed us the carousel feature. We were sold!

Both of these Instagram DM automation tools do offer the ability to comment and reply via Story or in-feed Instagram post. As well as the ability to have multiple Instagram accounts connected to toggle back and forth to.


ManyChat is probably a more robust service that offers more analytics and more automation options. I think if you’re simply sending a link to your DM, this may not be worth the price. It takes into account your current DM’s and counts them as “contacts”. The more contacts you have, the more you have to pay.

To get around that, I was going in every few days deleting any “contacts” from ManyChat so it wouldn’t count. It definitely solved the problem of paying more than I needed. But it was a pain in the butt to do.

ManyChat will auto comment on Instagram and send DM’s via Story and IG posts. You can set up various trigger words, and also add multiple links. However, multiple links show up on top of one another, so you can easily send too many and it gets lost.

There is a free option, but if you receive a lot of DMs, you’ll quickly have to upgrade. Personally,I did not like using this platform at all.


LinkDM has been so much easier to use, and more affordable. You can get up to 1,000 DMs sent per month for free. And for many, that’s probably plenty! And it’s a great way to start out and try the service.

I moved up to the $19/month pretty quickly because I wanted to use the comment auto-reply (this is not available on the free plan). But the thing I loved most about this was the ability to add a carousel of links!

As you can see in the below screenshot, you can select the + sign in Carousel Slider. This allows you to then add another “card” if you will to your DM to automatically send. It shows up like a carousel so it’s all in one place, versus how ManyChat just sends multiple links in a row. I like how this is more contained, and feels like it all works together.

A good way to use this is to include a newsletter sign up for the 2nd carousel, or a supporting blog post to shop the post they are interested in.

Set up your trigger, headline, and even change out the preview photo if you want. LinkDM has been a much easier platform to use over ManyChat.

LinkDM screenshot

If you’re thinking about trying out an automated comments to link service, we hope this post is helpful. It can be a great way to save time replying to Instagram comments, and sending valuable links to followers who are interested in what you have to offer.

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