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Aubry of Finding Beautiful Truth

What’s your blog name?

Finding Beautiful Truth

Where do you live?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tell us more about you and your blog

Aubry Lybbert lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, Jake, and their new baby, Mary Jane. She is a social media, marketing and PR girl who likes to travel, bake and ski on the weekends. Her blog, Finding Beautiful Truth, came to be to document just that. It’s a way of everyday life–making time to find bits of beautiful truth.

What people don’t realize about blogging is…

     There’s SO much behind the scenes SEO work!

What are 3 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

  1. How saturated the industry would get!
  2. How to code–good site design is very expensive.
  3. If in doubt, hire a professional photographer. It’s usually worth the money.

What’s been your most memorable moment as a blogger?

I was the featured blogger/personality for our local H&M opening! It was so much fun to get a peek behind the scenes at what it takes to pull off an event of that magnitude.

Give us your best tip for maintaining a blog work/life balance?

Schedule as much ahead of time as possible–you never know when you’ll need to take a sick/personal day or week for that matter.

Instagram or Twitter?


Coffee or tea?


Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?

I got to meet Brad Paisley back in 2006. He came to my hometown in Mississippi, and I got to show him around during our summer festival. He was so quick with his whit that I’ll never forget how much fun I had.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Oreos with festive fillings (love the Halloween orange!)

What’s one product you can’t live without?

I never leave home without a swipe of mascara. It’s the one beauty rule I swear by.

What’s your most memorable trip or vacation?

My husband and I met in London (he was a grad student there!), so I always enjoy our trips back to Europe. I love how close all the countries are. It’s easy to squeeze a few different destinations into one hop across the pond.

What’s been your favorite part of being a member of The Blog Societies?

My first TBScon was a game-changer. I made a TON of blogging friends, which has been such a blessing (not to sound corny). It’s nice to have people that I can reach out to and ask questions–the blogging friends I made at TBS Con share my values of the community over competition. You don’t find that every day.

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