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Angela of Pretty In Her Pearls

Texas Blogger - Angela of Pretty In Her Pearls - The Blog Societies

What’s your blog name?

Pretty In Her Pearls

Where do you live?

Houston, Texas

What people don’t realize about blogging is…

It’s hard to grow a real readership and community.

What are 3 things you wish you knew about blogging before you started?

  1. It’s important to to know SEO
  2. Always publish posts on the same day each week.
  3. Don’t take a break even for a few weeks. You will lose so many readers. I did that after having my son.

What’s been your most memorable moment as a blogger?

Getting a big collaboration that made me feel like this isn’t just a hobby.

Instagram or Twitter?


The most interesting person I ever met was probably Courtney Kerr. She was so funny and insightful.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Real Housewives of wherever.

What’s been your favorite part of being a member of The Blog Societies?

Meeting other members has been the best. I’m a social person and this helps me so much.

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