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How To Add Your Blog To Your Resume

If you’ve been blogging for a while, then there’s a good chance you view it as more than just a hobby. You update your site, social media accounts, edit photos, create and write content, etc. That’s certainly a lot of work! But if you’re not ready (or wanting) to take your blog to the next level and make it your full time job, adding it to your current resume can still be beneficial.

When looking at your scope of work for your blog, you want to find a way to professionally articulate your blog as a business. Many employers may not realize what goes on behind the scenes of building a successful brand/website. You’ll want to make sure you showcase your strengths and skills the right way.


Here are 8 examples of skills and verbiage that can be used to add your blog to your resume.

  • Work with brands and public relation agencies to secure product to be featured on the blog through pitching, editorial development and providing digital marketing opportunities
  • Develop and create original content on (insert blog name) to engage readers and encourage sales of product to generate revenue
  • Manage social media platforms, analyze traffic and insights to develop a social media strategy to grow audience and engagement
  • Collaborate with brands on events by securing sponsorships and entertainment as well as promote events to ensure a positive turnout follow up with press releases with photo distribution to media
  • Grew readership from X unique visitors monthly to XX monthly through implementing SEO tactics
  • Handle the daily book-keeping from invoicing customers, documenting revenue and expenses as well as handling quarterly taxes
  • Research focus keywords to utilize in content to improve search engine optimization and create engaging headlines
  • Knowledge of Adobe Creative programs from Lightroom to Photoshop for the develop consistent branded materials
  • Plan and execute photoshoots that consist of securing sponsorships, product, props and hiring of photographers

Please keep in mind that when adding your blog to your resume, your work needs to be relevant to the job you are seeking. Examples: Don’t put your photography skills for your personal style blog on your resume if you’re applying for a job on Capitol Hill. But, if you’re interviewing for a job in marketing, easily include photography and knowledge of social media as a skill. Share how you grew your readership year over year and the techniques you implemented to do so. Find what’s most relevant to the job you’re seeking and include those in your resume.

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