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8 Props You Need for Your Blog Photos

8 Props You Need for Your Blog Photos | The Blog Societies

If you’ve been in the blogging game for a while, you know how important props are for your photos. They add texture, a pop of color and an element of glam to your photos. Props also help make your photos look more professional (which brands notice when they’re choosing bloggers for campaigns). Today we’ve rounded up 8 props that we find helpful for blog photos. 

8 Props You Need for Blog Photos

  1. Fake Flowers – You don’t have to go buy a bouquet of flowers every time you have a campaign. Go to a store like Michael’s, Jo Ann’s or Hobby Lobby and find some fake flowers or greenery. This will save you some money and it’s a great prop for photos. (This is co-founder Cathy’s favorite prop!)
  2. Backdrops – At some point, you’ll need a backdrop for photos. Whether it’s marble, wood, or just a simple white. They make a photo look more professional while adding texture at the same time. We love these affordable yet high-quality ones from Stile and Co.
  3. Letterboard – Letterboard’s are great for campaigns, especially when you have the brand’s social media handles and hashtags on them! They’re also good for evergreen content if you wanted to put quotes or funny one-liners on them. They always look good on your feed!
  4. Books or Magazines – A good lifestyle prop are leather-bound or hardcover books and magazines like Vogue. They can be a stand for plants or drinks or be staged on a coffee table or bedside table. 
  5. Neutral Kitchen Ware – If you do a lot of recipe posts, you need some great kitchenware. Get a simple white coffee mug, gold spoon and some gold utensils like a spatula. Also, keep an eye on for some basic clear dishes or decorative plates/platters/cake stands. Some good places to find things like this is Target, Home Goods and Ikea. 
  6. Pretty Hangers – Every fashion blogger needs some pretty hangers. These can be used if you’re doing a shot of a clothing rack or displaying a new dress. No one wants to see a plastic or wire hanger in your photos!
  7. Simple Trays – Trays are great for cocktails or vignettes. Get a textured tray like straw or woven one or get a gold one for a little extra glam. 
  8. Shallow Pasta Bowls – TBS co-founder Jessica, loves these shallow pasta bowls. She says, “They’re not too big, not too small, so food looks great in them!” 

And there you have it! Keep an eye out for pieces and only get things that align with your personality and aesthetic. You can have this list and buy things as you need them. These items are always great to have on hand!

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