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8 Mistakes You’re Making Pitching Brands

8 Mistakes You're Making Pitching Brands | The Blog Societies

Pitching your idea or project to a brand can be daunting. But it’s essential to drumming up additional campaigns. We can’t just sit around and wait for projects to arrive in our inbox. When pitching to a brand, there’s definitely a way to go to ensure you get your point across swiftly and get a response. We’ve been pitching for years, and these are 8 common mistakes we see in blogging pitch emails to brands and agencies.

8 Mistakes You’re Making Pitching Brands

1. Too Long Of A Pitch

There’s a fine line between too long and too short of a pitch. Focus on the main points your trying to convey without rambling. A good formula would be a 2-3 sentence intro, followed by a brief description of your pitch/angle, and then close with a call to action that requires a response.

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2. Emailing The Wrong Contact

Take the time to look up the correct person you should be reaching out to. This may take a little digging into a website, social media or press releases. But it’s usually best to address the right person when possible.

3. Not Having an Angle When Pitching Brands

Every pitch email should include a specific angle or story you’re looking to cover that not only aligns with your brand, but also the brand you’re pitching to. Choose angles that are timely instead of a broad generalization of “I’d love to work together on some style posts”.

4. Don’t Follow Up

Not following up on emails is leaving potential money on the table. Set a reminder in your calendar or Google Boomerang to remind you to follow up a week or two later. And don’t stop there, follow up AGAIN, you never know when they’ll finally open the email.

5. Don’t Customize The Email To The Pitch/Brand

When pitching brands it’s important to customize the pitch. Include the brand name, any relevant new launches or initiatives that align with your brand. For example, if you’re a petite blogger and noticed a brand you admire now has a petite line, pitch them a story that aligns with this. Mention the new collection and how you’d like to be a part of spreading the news to your audience.

6. Attaching A Media Kit

There’s no need to attach your media kit at first. Include in your email a few important stats that set you apart like your pageviews and engagement rates. You can also include a quick mention of your audience stats should it align with the brand.

7. Not Introducing Yourself And Your Brand

Don’t assume the brand knows who you are. Always include a brief intro of you and your brand and any notable stats they should know. Still keep it short and sweet. And don’t forget to include a link to your website!

8. Leaving Your Pitch Open Ended

Once you wrap up your email, don’t just say “looking forward to hearing from you”. Ask a definitive question that requires a response. A yes or no is always great. A good example is “Do you think this project would be a good fit for your client?”.

What do you always include in your email when pitching brands? Share with us in a comment below!

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