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5 Tips To Staying Productive At Coffee Shops

5 Tips To Staying Productive At Coffee Shops

Many of us like to grab our laptops and head to a coffee shop to get some work done. It helps to break up your usual routine, maybe put you in a more creative space and it’s just a fun way to spend an afternoon when you need to get work done. But staying productive at a coffee shop can be difficult. From the distracting croissants waiting to be eaten, to the great music, it can be hard to focus sometimes. But here are our 5 best tips to staying productive at your favorite local coffee shop.

  1. Go In With A To-Do List – Always head into a work session with a plan. Are you knocking out 3 blog posts? Are you working on just emails? Do you have a project you need to finish? Set a goal and work on that.
  2. Bring Headphones – Sometimes it’s best to minimize distractions so having headphones with music you enjoy and can focus with will help!
  3. Co-Work With A Friend – Having a friend who also can work from coffee shops can help spark creativity, help keep you motivated and also be there to answer questions and bounce ideas off of.
  4. Set A Deadline – Knowing you have 2 hours to get things done, or until lunch, will help keep you productive in focusing on that to do list.
  5. Find A Shop That Works For You – Not all coffee shops are created equal. Some may be more loud, or not condusive to working at with good Wi-Fi and so on. Find one that you can work at, be productive and not be overly distracted.

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