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5 Things To Do for Your Blog This Year

5 Things To Do for Your Blog This Year

We are well into 2022 and most of us, I’m sure, have a long list of “To Do’s for our blog right now. We always want to start off the New Year with loads of new ideas and lots of organization but yeah, time gets away from us and things fall through the cracks.

That’s ok though! While your “To Do” list may be a mile long, we actually have just a few things, five to be exact, that you really should prioritize for your blog right now. These are simple projects but ones that can elevate your brand and make 2022 your best blog year yet, so let’s go!

5 Things To Do for Your Blog This Year

1. Audit your Homepage

Does your homepage need a refresh? Now’s the time to make sure that it is reflective of the content you produce. Be sure your navigation bar is updated with correct categories and topics, your social media buttons all redirect to the proper channels, and any pop-ups for a newsletter work. If you need help, ask a friend to do a quick review and see if they find any issues. Or sign up to be a TBS Lifetime member and we’ll do a 1:1 call and help you navigate your homepage as well and offer some tips.

2. Update Your Top Posts

Right now is a great time to look at your Google Analytics and update your top 10 posts from 2021. Make sure all the widgets are up to date, add any new photos or keywords, etc. Then, add those 10 posts to your editorial calendar to recirculate at an appropriate time this year so the content feels fresh and new to readers.

3. Start A Newsletter

With how frustrating Instagram can be, we always want to make sure bloggers and influencers take the time to diversify their content. Creating a newsletter and capturing emails of your audience is one of the top ways to convert sales and cultivate a loyal audience. Of course, we love using Flodesk and if you haven’t checked it out, now is the time. Work on creating those freebies to entice new sign-ups and make sure people are excited about the content you’re sharing.

4. Update Your Media Kit

Has it been a minute since you’ve taken the time to update your media kit? Now’s the time to give it a refresh. Maybe a new photo, updated social media stats. Look at your Google Analytics and update your reach and numbers. Increase your rates for brand partnerships. Do whatever you need to do to make your Media Kit enticing to brands this year. We have some templates in our TBS Member Library you can even use to create a great media kit as well!

5. Try something NEW

Let this be the year you vow to try something new with your business! It doesn’t have to be drastic, but something new to get you excited for your blog all over again. Maybe try to collaborate with another blogger on a style series, or start pitching brands for the first time, maybe work on creating new Reels or TikToks. Whatever it is, try something new and fun that gets your audience excited in 2022.

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