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5 Blogging Tips from Co-Founder Cathy of Poor Little It Girl

5 Blogging Tips from Co-Founder Cathy of Poor Little It Girl

Fresh off the heels of Jessica’s blogging tips roundup, Cathy (a fellow TBS co-founder and blogger at Poor Little It Girl) here to share my favorite tools, tips and tricks. This July marks 9 years I’ve been writing for PLIG and wow, even just typing that out seems crazy. How in the world has time flown by so quickly, yet felt like forever all in the same breath? I never would have though my blog would become my full-time career and to that, I am forever thankful.

So, with all those years under my belt, it’s safe to say my tips run from the simple to the substantial. I’m basically all over the place, ha! But whether you’re just starting out in the blogging world or a veteran in the industry, I hope you find my list here super helpful!

1. Always Have A Contract

Whether it’s a blog collaboration with a brand or working with a photographer, it’s always important to have everything down in writing. Even if it’s the smallest little post you have to do or you are best friends with the brand rep – get it in writing. And after that, get BOTH parties to sign. When I first started out, I would skim over this step and got myself caught up in some sticky situations that could have been avoided if, you guessed it, things had been written down. Contracts allow both blogger and collaborator to be on the same page, know the entire scope of work and have realistic expectations for results. If a brand doesn’t provide you with a contract, send your own. You will never regret the decision to protect yourself.

2. Grammarly

Ok, this sounds a bit random but I freaking love this little writing app called Grammarly. While not fool-proof, it does a great job catching spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I just use the free option, but if you upgrade for the premium it can help you create better sentences and more cohesive paragraph structure. Basically, it’s there to help you become a better writer which, as a blogger, is essential.

3. Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them

Just because something is working for another blogger, doesn’t mean you need to be doing the exact same thing. For example, copying top Instagram influencers filter so you can get the same “feel” as her feed. Or doing a try-on haul just because you saw someone else doing one and feel like that’s the “thing” to do now. Do you. Whatever that may be. Our industry is so saturated with imposters and clones of one another, the only way you’ll stand out is to be an individual.

4. Be Able To Describe Your Blog In One Detailed Sentence

The kiss of death (in my opinion) for a blogger is to simply say they’re a “lifestyle” blogger. When someone asks what your site is about, have a full elevator pitch ready no matter what. “Lifestyle” is such a vague word and encompasses so many things, you need to really hone in on what your brand is, period. For me, Poor Little It Girl is an affordable fashion and petite personal style blog. Done and done. It tells you exactly what I talk about on my site and my POV. Sure, I discuss travel and blogging tips on occasion, but the core of my brand is just that: affordable, fashion, petite.

5. Stop Complaining

At our last Blog Societies Conference our Key Note speaker, Grace Atwood, really struck a chord with me when she discussed this topic. Stop being the blogger that complains. Whether it’s about Instagram engagement, other bloggers, whatever. Just stop. It’s not a good look and only brings you and our industry down. Keep it positive and work towards improving things you’re not happy about instead of just feeding into the negative stereotype. Everyone is dealing with the same issues, no one wants to focus on them all the time.me.

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