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3 Things You Can Do For Your Blog While Social Distancing

things you can do for your blog during covid pandemic

We’re currently living in an unprecedented time for our blogging/influencer industry. With the spread of Coronavirus, many small businesses are taking a hit and well, it can be scary. How will I make money? What can I do to set myself up for success to make it through the new few weeks/months of the pandemic? While there’s no one set path for what works and what doesn’t’, there is certainly a few things you can be doing now for your blog while social distancing.

One thing to remember as well: blogs are media, and in that sense, you shouldn’t stop posting. Magazines are still printing their ads, TV is still showing commercials, blogs are no different. Plus, you don’t want to be forgotten. If you go silent now until things get better, your followers may have forgotten about you.

Pinterest & Tailwind

Pinterest is a lot like Google in that it’s used as a search engine. It also works a lot like SEO in that it takes a few months to see your results take effect. Now is a great time to work on updating your Pinterest from your bio, to relevant boards and descriptions. You can also go through your top saved posts on Pinterest and start thereby creating pinnable graphics and creating strong pin descriptions.

Once you create your pins, you can also start to focus your efforts on Tailwind. This is such a great tool for scheduling content and also getting your content into Tribes. You can learn more about Tailwind here! And members, don’t forget to join the TBS Tribe in our Member Dashboard.

Stay Connected + Try New Things

Again, you don’t want to go silent so staying active on all social platforms and your blog is super important right now. But right now could be a perfect time to finally tackle that great idea you had on the backburner. That e-book you wanted to make, that free fun download you swore you’d make, or tackling that IGTV you want to share. With the downtime we’re now having, now’s the time to try new things and still stay connected with your audience.

Focus On Your Newsletter

By growing your newsletter, you are growing your audience, community and followers. Just like in sales, you want to add as many people to your sales funnel as possible so you can turn them into customers. Right now is a GREAT time to add people to that “funnel”. Provide value with a freebie (here are some fun ideas to try) and that way when the world comes back to normal, you’ll have a slew of new people who are interested in your brand.

We love using Flodesk for our newsletters. Take some time to create an exciting workflow and get those subscribers intrigued by your content!

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