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10 Subject Lines To Get Your Pitch Emails Read By Brands

subject lines for pitching brands

There you are at your computer. You’ve found the correct contact for a brand you want to partner with. You’ve written an amazing pitch email (using TBS’s pitch templates available in The Library, of course!) that no doubt will show said brand that a collaboration with you is beneficial to their marketing strategy. But just before you hit send, you hit a major roadblock. What in the heck do I put as the subject line to my email?

Let’s be honest though. Coming up with the perfect subject line that gets your email noticed, read, and responded to is one of the more difficult aspects of the pitching process.

But we promise, it doesn’t have to be. Instead of sitting there and overthinking what to say to grab the attention of the brand rep, we’ve done the hard work for you! Check out these 10 subject lines to get your pitch emails read by brands.

10 Subject Lines To Get Your Pitch Emails Read By Brands

As an influencer, there is a variety of ways you’ll be reaching out to a brand. It could be one you haven’t worked with before or one you’re following up with on an Instagram conversation.

It could even be an outreach to a brand you haven’t worked with in years. So we’ve broken down the top category of emails and provided sample subject lines for each:

If you’ve never worked with this brand before, try these subject lines:

  1. BLOG NAME x BRAND NAME – Let’s chat!
  2. BLOG NAME x BRAND NAME – Fall Style Idea
  3. BLOG NAME x BRAND NAME – Partner for SEASON and YEAR

If you’re following up on an Instagram DM conversation via email, try these subject lines:

  1. Follow Up On Instagram DM Chat – BLOG NAME
  2. IG DM Follow Up – BLOG NAME
  3. Hey it’s YOUR NAME from IG DM – BLOG NAME

When you’re following up with a brand you’ve previously worked with on a partnership, we’d suggest using the original email chain you’ve already communicated on, but updating the subject line.

  1. For example, if you did An Indigo Day x Madewell – Fall Style Idea back in Q3, for Q4 update the subject line to say An Indigo Day x Madewell – Holiday Gift Guide Collab
  2. OR if it’s been longer than a year since you’ve worked together, use subject line BLOG NAME would love to work together again!

How To Send Relationship Building Emails To Brands

While sending a pitch email is super important to bring in partnerships, relationship building ones are just as crucial to your business. These are emails that can get you in the door (or inbox if you will) of the brands you already love and feature.

It’s important to your outreach strategy to simply send relationship-building emails to brands that share important information, updates to your blog (i.e blog name change, touch base, or if you’ve featured their brand organically on your website or one of your top social channels).

These types of emails, whether they are highlighting a feature or mention of the brand on your site and socials, or even just an update from you on new things that are in the pipeline, can get you paid partnerships down the road.

In that case, try using the subject line:

  1. Recently featured BRAND NAME on BLOG NAME
  2. Updates from BLOG NAME

Use these to highlight your review post on a brand you love. Or if you have a big life update like you’re moving or bought a house and need to decorate, you can use this as almost like a soft pitch.

Which email pitch are you going to send today?

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