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10 Newsletter Freebies To Grow Your Subscriber List

10 Newsletter Freebie Ideas to Drive More Newsletter Sign-Ups | The Blog Societies

Last week we shared our new favorite newsletter platform, Flodesk. Just switching your newsletter platform over from MailChimp to Flodesk won’t magically result in new subscribers. Although their beautiful mobile-friendly pop-ups will in fact help. The real kicker is providing a valuable freebie to excite blog visitors to sign up.

Which Newsletter Freebies Are Right For My Audience?

To get the most bang for your buck with a freebie you want to create the right freebie for your audience. We recommend looking at your top posts form your blog and see if there’s something you can expand on. Or is there a section of your blog that gets lots of traffic but readers drop off quickly after? Capture their information so you can welcome them to your brand with a great freebie and follow up with a nurturing welcome sequence.

How to Make A Successful Newsletter Freebie

Create a successful freebie by providing new and exciting content that resonates with your readers in an easy to read downloadable form. A few things to keep in mind.

  • Keep things fresh seasonally so that it’s always relevant.
  • Provide something useful to your audience a checklist, a tip, a guide
  • Don’t overthink it! A 1-2 page guide is all you need.
  • You can always add more later, done is better than perfect!

10 Newsletter Freebies To Get You Thinking

From travel to skincare, fashion and more, we’ve got 10 fun ideas for your next freebie.

  1. Travel Packing List
  2. Best Instagram Hashtags
  3. 3 Exclusive Recipes
  4. A Braid Guide – See an example of this one in action. Jessica was generating lots of traffic to hair tutorials and wanted to capture as many people as possible. By tailoring the pop up to the content most of her users were discovering her on, she is able to increase sign-ups.
  5. A Petite Guide – See Cathy’s petite guide in action. As an authority on petite fashion, she expanded on her petite sizing post by offering more to her readers by providing an exclusive petite guide download.
  6. Ways To Wear A Specific Piece Of Clothing
  7. Getting Organized Checklist
  8. Rainy Day Activity For Your Kids
  9. How To Have An At-Home Spa Night
  10. Affordable Finds For The Home

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