The Blog Societies aims to create an inclusive online community for digital publishers across the United States. This platform has become a resource for bloggers located in the Southeast, Southwest, MidwestNortheast, and Northwest regions to network and build their brands. The Blog Societies aspires to cultivate a community that transcends state lines and gives food, fashion, and other lifestyle publishers the tools necessary to succeed in the blogosphere today.

Brands and PR agencies can come to The Blog Societies with confidence knowing that our cultivated network of publishers are actively posting great content to their platforms. We proactively review all of our publishers websites to ensure they are complying with out membership guidelines, which include maintaining a steady posting schedule and quality photography. By setting such high standard for our publishers, we have become the ideal destination for bloggers and brands alike to expand their reach across the United States.

The Blog Societies Primary Goals

>> Promote bloggers within the community, help build traffic to individual sites.

>> Supply the resources necessary for blogging success, including but not limited to: graphic designers, developers, photographer recommendations, how-to tips that cover issues faced as the owner of a blog/small business, and provide service that matches companies wishing to advertise with our bloggers.

>> Include a list of brands and agencies that are willing to work with bloggers for members to access.

>> Provide a genuine community for members, build a space in which members want to interact socially with one another – both online and off.

>> Create a place for brands to come to for a list of bloggers that they could potentially work with based on their location, brand and audience.