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How To Get On “The List”


Before starting this blog I had no idea on what went on in this corner of the internet world.  Now I’m hosting events, doing sponsored post and headed to blog conferences.  Who would have thunk it!  Just like doing anything you love, you have to keep learning.  To learn more in this blogosphere world you may need to attend a conference or two.  Every conference is different so before you go you have to sit down and think of why you are going.  It could be to attend workshops, meet online friend in person, network with brands, attend parties, meet like minded people or to just get a few days away from the kids!  All of these are very good reasons to go.  Since BlogHer was in my hometown of Chicago that was more than enough reason for me to go.  I’m also a very social person and I love the opportunity to meet new people.

Check out all of Trina’s tips on how to make it on “The List” on her blog, Baby Shopaholic!

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