Each state in The Blog Society has a representative who is there to help get you going in the right direction.  They are there to support their community and help grow TBS in their area.  If you want to meet up for a blogger date to chat about blogging or bounce ideas off each other, they can help you.  Looking to plan an event and need some assistance? They can help with that too. If they can’t, they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction so that you can make your ideas a reality.

For general inquiries about The Blog Societies email Cathy and Jessica directly at info@theblogsocieties.com

To collaborate with The Blog Societies and its members please contact collaborations@theblogsocieties.com

For questions about anything seen on The Blog Societies social platforms, email Greta at social@theblogsocieties.com

Some of our states have such a high volume of members we’ve developed a state rep system. This is your point of contact for any questions in your state regarding meet ups! If you do not have a state rep and would like to become one, please email social@theblogsocieties.com for more details.

State Reps

Kristin Clark – Living In Color Print (Florida)

Stephanie Pernas – A Style Factor (Florida)

Mireille Beckwith – City Peach (Georgia)

Emily Helm – Life With Emily (North Carolina)

Laura Bain – Louella Reese (North Carolina)

Lindsay Emow – Champagne and Blue Jeans (North Carolina)

Laura Lehman – Laura Lehman Wears (Washington, D.C)

Ashlee Hightower – Cobalt Chronicles (Washington, D.C)

Southwest Blog Society

Alice Kerley – Lonestar Looking Glass (Houston, Texas)

Jenny Blaisdell – Breakfast at Lilly’s (San Antonio, Texas)

Taylor Thompson – A Pearl Kind of Girl (Dallas, Texas)

Midwest Blog Society

Northwest Blog Society

Northeast Blog Society